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General Aviation

With the growing number of the private aviation operations, in Beirut Rafic Hariri Int’l airport, the need to construct a specialized area for private aviation became a must. A new area called The General Aviation Area was created in the North West region of Airport. Where private jets (irregular flights) are hosted, and work is conducted there under the Directorate General of Civil Aviation spectrum of activities.


dgca general aviation


The building was constructed on 2005 and it consists of two types of offices classified according to type of companies that occupy them:

1- Private companies who serve as Air Taxi for Businessmen and high level investors. And they sometimes take in charge the handling services for private jets.

2- The Flight Training organizations.


These companies work under licenses, issued by The Ministry of Public Works & Transportation, and complying with The Safety Aviation Law and the supervision standards of DGCA.

At another level, The General Aviation Building has 10 VIP Lounges equipped with modern communications services. The lounges are used by the Airline companies to welcome and host their clients and offer them the leisure and facilitations they need upon arrival or prior to departure. And all passengers of private jets have access to the private entrance of The General Aviation area. As the General Aviation building has Arrival and Departure halls and duty free shopping area as well as VAT counters and General Security and Customs checkpoints.

And for jets parking service, five large hangars were dedicated for this purpose. Every hangar's space is 1764 square meters approximately.