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Carriage of small vehicles powered by Lithium batteries.

Based on the safety policy number 001/2016 issued by the minister of Transport and public works regarding Small Vehicles Powered by Lithium Batteries (Portable Electronic Devices “PED”) such as Airwheels, Solowheels, Mini Segways and Hover boards; and due to lack of enough evidence that shows how to deactivate these items from inadvertent operation during flight; and in the aim of assuring safe flight operations with minimized possibility of any incident/ accident that may occur during flight, small vehicles powered by lithium batteries are banned from carriage by air neither as carry-on nor checked baggage nor cargo until further notice.

All operators shall abide by this policy and circulate it to their staff and handling agents.



To whom it may concern,

We would like to inform you that Dr. Hamdi Chaouk has resigned from his duties as director general of Lebanese civil aviation since year 2011, therefore Dr. Chaouk is no longer representing the Lebanese civil aviation in any way, and he is not delegated to represent the civil aviation administration.