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Head of Department: Eng. Marc Wehaibe

Tel: (961)1628187 - (961)1628000 / 2210

Fax: (961)1629046

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Meteorological Department


The Lebanese Meteorological Department is one of the departments that compose the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. The vital importance of the mission of this Department lies in observing and understanding weather and climate, and in providing meteorological, hydrological and related services in support of relevant national needs which should include the following areas:


-    Protection of life and property
-    Safeguarding the environment
-    Contributing to sustainable development
-  Promoting long-term observation and collection of meteorological,  hydrological and climatological data, including related environmental data
-    Promotion of endogenous capacity-buildin
-    Meeting international commitments
-    Contributing to international cooperation.

The LebaneseMeteorological Department consists of three Divisions

1- The Forecasting Division, which draws weather charts, elaborates weather forecasts, issues early warnings when appropriate and prepares flight folders for aviation needs.
2- The Observation Division, which measures and monitors miscellaneous weather parameters on the ground and through the atmosphere (using weather stations and radiosondes), and records all measured information. Part of its duties is to ensure routine preventive and curative maintenance in order to make sure all weather stations and equipment are operational.
3- The Climatology Division, which archives all measured data and ensures its continuity, then analyses saved data and prepare climate related reports. This division also deals with global climate, agro-meteorology, hydro-meteorology and bio-meteorology.