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Learjet 60 Incident Investigation.


On 6th November 2011, a Learjet 60 type aircraft registered A6-IAS operating a medical evacuation flight took off at 14.13.01 Z from Runway 17 at BRHIA without take-off clearance. It came into close contact with a Boeing 737-800 that had just taken off from runway 21 at BRHIA. No TCAS was activated and no injuries or damages resulted. The incident was not reported by the Flight Crew; however, it was reported by the ATC Tower controller and relayed to the UAE GCAA by the Lebanese DGCA.


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ODSKY Accident Investigation Report.




On the 4th of February 2011, at approximately 14:49 UTC, a Hawker 850XP crashed in Iraq/ Sulaimaniyah International Airport. All crew members and passengers were killed and the aircraft was completely destroyed after hitting the ground and being caught by fire.


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Letter of condolence to DGCA France.



Eng. Mohammad Chehabeddine, Director General of Civil Aviation sent a letter of condolence to his French counterpart, Mr. Patrick GANDIL expressing sorrow about the latest terror attack in the French city of Nice.


The letter said:

“Dear Mr. Patrick GANDIL,

I am deeply anxious by reports of the truck attack in Nice, which caused the tragic loss of so many innocent lives and injuries.
I wish to extend my sincerest sympathy and condolences to Your Excellency and to all those who have been inflicted from this horrific attack.
We strongly condemn the terrible and cowardly terrorist attack, resulting in the unacceptable loss of innocent lives and countless injuries”.


Investigation Report on the Accident to Ethiopian 409 – Registration ET-ANB.

In accordance with Annex 13 to the ICAO Convention and with the Lebanese Air Regulations (LAR), the investigation has not been conducted so as to apportion blame, or to assess individual or collective responsibility.

The sole objective of this investigation into the tragic accident of ET 409 is to establish what happened, to analyze how and why the occurrence took place, and from this analysis to determine what the occurrence reveals about the safety health of the aviation system. Such information is used to arrive at conclusions and make safety recommendations aimed at drawing lessons from what happened in order to prevent similar reoccurrences, and where appropriate, to increase the overall safety of the aviation system.

A Preliminary Report was presented to the Lebanese Government on February 25, 2010. Two Investigation Progress reports were presented to the Lebanese Minister of Public Works & Transportation on February 10, 2011 and on August 25, 2011; both reports were released to the public and have been posted initially on the Lebanese CAA website www.lebcaa.com and later on www.dgca.gov.lb. The final draft report was presented as a confidential document to HE the Lebanese Minister of Public Works and Transportation on 10th September2011 and circulated to all parties (the NTSB -USA, ECAA - Ethiopia & BEA - France) for comments, as per ICAO Annex 13 requirements. The comments were received in due time and discussed with all parties prior to the issue of this final report. Some differences remained between the views of the Ethiopian party and the rest of the Investigation Committee’s members. These differences are appended as “Appendix Z” to the report.

Furthermore, the use of this report for any purpose other than for the prevention of future accidents could lead to erroneous interpretations.

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